Vehicle Logistics

Fleet Line Shipping is one of the most experienced international vehicle shipping company in the GCC region beating out competitors consistently for the past ten years.We understand the importance of carefully handling and transporting vehicles, especially cars. Whether it is your personal Ferrari or a fleet of your company’s Toyotas, we handle it all.

We can load your vehicles on Ro/Ro vessels (Roll-on/Roll-off) as well as in containers, depending on the destinations.

Ro/Ro operations: Vehicles are driven into the ship and secured onto the vessels car deck. At destination port, vehicles are driven out of the vessel, all handled by experienced crew.

Loading into containers: Your car will be loaded into a shipping container and is secured to the flooring rings of the container using ratchet straps. The wheels are locked into position using wooden chocks.

We can also air lift your cars to various destinations on freighter aircrafts if you need them urgently.

We provide pick up services from house, garage or showroom and assist in arranging Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) and export papers from Roads and Transport Authorities (RTA) and the respective police authorities.

*   To summarize our services:

*   Assistance in arranging VCC.

*   Collection Ex-works locations using recovery vehicles or car carriers.

*   Arrange export permissions and needed approvals from RTA.

*   Import/ Export documents and customs clearance.

*   Packing and wrapping.

*   Lashing and crating.

*   Documentation support.

*   Insurance arrangement.

*   Worldwide shipping by Air, Sea and Land transport.