Packing and Removals

 Industrial Packing and Lashing: FLS Industrial Packing Solutions Offers Services Including Package Designing / Repacking Services, Inner Packing Services, Wooden Packing Services, Metal Barrier Foil, Vacuum Packing Services, Thermostatic Packing Services, Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Services And Misc. packaging and lashing services.

  Industrial Inner Packings:At FLS we pay great attention to inner packing as we strongly believe appropriate inner packing / braising / blocking is critical to the safety of the cargo.

Most commonly used inner packing material include :

-  Bubblewraps

-  Shrinkwraps

-  Thermocols

-  Foams

-  Corrugatedsheets

-  Paddedtimbers

-  Airbags

-  Dunnagebags

-  Polyesterstraps

We use wide range of other cushioning materials to protect valuable cargo against shock, vibration, abrasion, corrosion and electrostatic discharge etc , while in transit or storage.

  Industrial Wooden Packing Services: FLS manufactures wide range of timber/wood packing products, right from small packets/boxes/ crates to huge crates for break bulk shipping.

We are equipped with the latest machines inclusive of the facility to manufacture customs made packages and boxes.

All boxes are designed as per customers specification and compatible for multiple handling with forklifts, cranes, trolley and other handling equipment.

All wood materials are heat treated.

Fumigation services provided as per specific need of customers.

   Industrial Metal Barrier Foil: FLS provides aluminum barrier foil packaging for industrial products with varied specifications.

Metal barrier foil packing services are offered to protect shell against oxidizing, corrosion and moisture damage.

The heat sealable product is an effective packaging solution for metal parts and equipment to ensure total climatic protection during transit and storage.

   Industrial Vacuum Packing Services: Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen inside the package resulting in better protection against moisture, dirt, dust, salt and damaging effects of sunlight. It provides an excellent barrier against damages caused by the atmospheric interference especially oxidizing and corrosion.

Vacuum packing is a preservation process inside a vapor-tight barrier with desiccants (silica-gel). It creates a secured atmosphere within the package

Desiccants are placed inside the airtight envelope to absorb any remaining humidity in the atmosphere.

Humidity indicators can also be installed within the barrier bag to monitor the integrity of the atmosphere.

  Industrial Thermostatic Packing Services; Each package is developed for the cargo it protects by considering the specific ambient conditions, temperature parameters and transit distances and durations.

Keeping this in mind FLS works closely with its clients to develop the best solution for their requirements.

These packages can also be fitted with temperature/humidity indicators to record their effectiveness.

Humidity indicators can also be installed within the barrier bag to monitor the integrity of the atmosphere.

   Industrial Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors Packing: Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors are corrosion inhibiting compounds which when released into a close enclosure forms a very thin molecular layer on the metal surface which inhibits corrosion by preventing air and moisture from coming in contact with the metal surface.

Core benefits of VCI packing includes :

-  Easy to apply

-  Good at protecting metals

-  Keep the metals dry for longer period

-  Save time and cost.

   Industrial Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Services: FLS use PVC, Polyethylene, Polyolefin and heavy duty shrink materials to wrap and protect heavy duty and ODC cargo.

Shrink wrap is applied and shrunk using a propane fired heat tool; shrinking it tightly and fully encasing the piece of machinery.

We use Dr. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap material to offer complete protection against weather damages.

All shrink materials we use is 100% virgin resin which ensure consistent mil thickness.

   Industrial Auto Mobile Packing And Lashing: FLS packaging experts can also very much expertise to do the car packing and lashing as we have in-house facilities to pack with Bubble and plastic sheets and lash the car in containers with rachet and cord strap belts.

Our Packing & lashing services for this segment include protective layers and secured packing for all types of commercial & Military vehicles.

We specialize in packing of heavy duty & luxury cars:

-  Single cars in container

-  Multiple cars in container

  ISO Quality Certification: Fleet Line Shipping remains fully committed to its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policy and its central theme of continuous improvement.

We have successfully achieved International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications in recognition of our quality, health and safety and environmental management systems.

These certifications include ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), OHSAS 45001-2018 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems).

  HSSE & Environment: The combination ISO & HSE certificates ensure our systems and processes meets globally accepted standards and our operations impacting related critical areas of Environment and Health and Safety adequately meet the Universal Standards.

FLS has strict vendor vetting policies in place which to ensure that all operations follow industry best practices and the prevailing legislation and are conducted to the highest possible standards.

   Lashing, Packing & Crating

We have our own highly skilled professional crew for securing of cargo, industrial packing, lashing, loading, un-loading and specialized packing of cargo to be transported via Air, Sea or Land.

FLS follows a ‘safety first’ rule when it comes to lashing and securing of your cargo thus ensuring hassle-free cargo securing services for our valued customers. We use only IMO (International Maritime Organization) certified quality products.

FLS is an approved vendor, third party independent consultant and contractor of Trakhees (A Government of Dubai Organization) for lashing and securing of cargo on board vessels managed by DP World. We have partnered with Cord Strap to provide best-in-class lashing materials at economic costs.

FLS can provide onsite logistics handling services including material handling equipment (crane hiring, jacking and skidding etc.) and manpower supply.

We offer the following services:

-  Cargo lashing services on board vessels.

-  Cargo lashing services on all type of containers (F/R, OT, GP containers).

-  Car lashing and securing.

-  Packing and Crating.

-  Oil Rig packing services.

-  Multi wrapping cargo.

-  Crane hiring, haulage, jacking and skidding.